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Helicopters for Sale
We presently have the below listed BO105 helicopters for Sale. The BO105 CBhelicopters have been in operation with the Dutch Police Forces since year build; i.e. their complete operational life. The BO105 CBS-4 helicopters have formerly been in operation with the German Police Forces and were acquired by the Dutch police in 2003.

Aircraft maintenance

All helicopters have, through their entire life, always been maintained in accordance with the standards and procedures prescribed by the manufacturer and by MBB recommended and appointed, authorised R&O shops such as ZF Luftfahrttechnik GmbH, Motorflug GmbH and MBB Donauworth GmbH.
                              Legenda:        Available = Available      Contract signed = Under negotiation      Sold = Sold

 Note:  Sales status as per April 01, 2012


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BO105 CB, S/N 249, Yr Build 1976, TT Airframe 16.384 hrs
doc Specifications BO105_CB_SN_249

Sales Status: SOLD

BO105 CB, S/N 250, Yr Build 1976, TT Airframe 16.363 hrs
doc Specifications BO105_CB_SN_250

Sales Status: SOLD

BO105 CB, S/N 355, Yr Build 1978, TT Airframe 12.622 hrs
doc Specifications BO105_CB_SN_355

Sales Status: SOLD

BO105 CB, S/N 356, Yr Build 1978, TT Airframe 14.010 hrs
doc Specifications BO105_CB_SN_356

Sales Status: SOLD

BO105 CBS-4, S/N 425, Yr Build 1979, TT Airframe 10.588 hrs
doc Specifications BO105_CBS_4_SN_425

Sales Status: SOLD

BO105 CBS-4, S/N 544, Yr Build 1981, TT Airframe 9.726 hrs
doc Specifications BO105_CBS_4_SN_544

Sales Status: SOLD

BO105 CBS-4, S/N 777, Yr Build 1988, TT Airframe 9.931 hrs
doc Specifications BO105_CBS_4_SN_777

Sales Status: SOLD



request-for-quote or CALL US at +31 20 601 05 95

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