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B.M. Aviation BV
Businesspark Westwijk
Schweitzerlaan 68
1187JD Amstelveen
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 20 601 05 95
E1: pm@bo105.com
E2: sales@bo105.com
W: www.bo105.com

B.M. Aviation Surplus Market 


B.M. AVIATION is a company, active in the Aerospace Surplus market, acquiring and selling Surplus Helicopter and Aircaft stock, as well as complete aircraft.

Historically we are specialised in the Europter BO105 helicopter, the world's first light twin-engine multipurpose helicopter. The titanium rotorhead, together with the dual hydraulic boost system, guarantees excellent flying qualities, extreme manoeverability with immediate response. Through the years the BO105 has earned the reputation of being a reliable, hardworking helicopter suitable for a wide range of missions. The spacious unobstructed cabin/cargo compartment makes it an ideal partner for passenger/material and casualty transportation and well suited for Offshore operations, aerial work and EMS/SAR operations, whereever and whenever required. 

Late last year we acquired 12 each BO105 helicopters in various condition, together with a vast stock of major components, structural parts, avionics & instruments, optional equipment and 100.000+ consumable spareparts. With this stock B.M. AVIATION is able to fulfil all your BO105 requirements adequately, in time, and against more than reasonable prices. 




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